Get That Girl Seduction Techniques

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So this guy Mehow is a 35 year old pale, skinny, balding guy who is able to attract any women he wants consistently. Picture that for a moment! A nerdy looking pale loser with glasses and a funny gate is able to actually date HOT women whenever he wants.

British, American, Swiss or Brazillian women... it doesn’t seem to matter. Because the science of attraction for women anywhere in the world is the same, if you trigger the attraction you get the results irrespective of looks or social position.

Sounds like bullshit I know but read on...

Before we start remember that all of this seduction crap is all about making the women you do fall in love with wonderfully happy.

She will love and thank you for taking the time to understand female attraction. This is not about “winning over” anyone or cheating your way into a women’s heart! This is all about becoming a better confident man through understanding what women want and how to give it to them.

So without further hesitation let’s jump into how exactly HOW to get that girl.

At the end of your time with learning seduction techniques (and time in the field practicing) you will have zero anxiety about “cold approaching a set” which is walking up to a group of women who do not know you and establishing chemistry out of thin air.

Attractive Male Qualities

Internal Validation: As we grow from boys to men (most of us) become more secure and stop relying on external validation. This means we start to trust our judgment and self worth more rather than relying on others to pick us up every time. Needless to say this is a huge turn on for women!

Be Present In The Moment: This comes back to and having a mind that is at peace. If you mind is
constantly in the past or present you will seem anxious rushed and not at ease. Live in the moment, this will help you enjoy life as well as engage and connect with women on a higher level.

Socially Connected Get into the conversation and know the people in your environment. Women respect men who know people in high places – or often just anyone at all

Lead: Dominant successful men lead and power is sexy. This can be as simple as talking first in conversation or walking in front of her with your head up.

Popular Among Peers: Social proof has a huge part to play in our decision making. We buy based on what others recommend and we select mates based on what others recommend. It may seem alarming but humans are hardwired to copy others (Useless Info: imitation rather than emulation is one of the few things that set us apart from the apes).

Understanding: This doesn’t mean you are a wimp it means that you understand where women come from. Women are emotional beings who want to communicate with you on an emotional level. Men CAN and should be emotionally sensitive and dominant at the same time.

Actions: Women are looking closely at your actions to see if you are who you say you are. Women hate liars and braggarts. If you require big words to pump yourself up you are not emotionally secure as mentioned above.
Positive: You cannot have a healthy relationship if you are negative. Positivity breeds creativity wealth and chemistry.

Have FUN: I am guessing you are WAY to serious with women and the more attractive the women get the more serious you get around them. You don’t want to slip up and blow it right? Defiantly the wrong approach!

Believe In Abundance: You come from a world of abundance, meaning you are prepared to give her financial and emotional security and believe that there is plenty to share. Be the giver!

Emotional Security: Many women are not emotionally secure and find a man that is unaffected by the outside world very attractive. Have you noticed how most guys act around hot women? Most men can’t help but get emotional around women and once she realises that she has affected them she sees them as emotionally weak. If you are able to seem un-affected by her beauty she will start to realise you and wonder why her flirtatious behaviour is having no effect. By coming across nonchalant when a hot women enters the room you are indicating to her you are on her level – you get women like her all the time and she’s not that amazing to you right?

Goals And Aspirations: You have already shown this by reading this post but make sure you have goals and you are focused on the future. Women are looking for a forward thinking man.

Protection: Even though women intellectually know they don’t really need protection in today’s society they are still hard wired toward protection attraction. Be the giver of protection and financial security.

Wanting: There is a huge difference between wanting a women and needing a women. Women want to be wanted! They need to know that the actions they take are recognised. Neediness and reliance is once again hurting your chances as you are not emotionally stable.

Looking Good: Looking good wont seal the deal but it helps to get you in the door. Women are more open to men that are well groomed. They don’t necessarily have to be attractive just well kept.

Disposition: Do some guys just make you nervous to be around? Not because they are dominant but just because they are nervous and fidgety? Make a women feel comfortable in your presence by being at ease mentality. and Taoism can help with easing your scattered brain.

Honesty: don’t try faking it till you make it because it’s sooo easy to spot. Be honest and upfront from the start. Women value honesty as it’s the corner stone of establishing trust in a relationship.

Independence: Are you doing things that you love in life? Do you love your job? Are you passionate and independent? If you live in your own world and seem almost mysterious as a result you are onto one of the biggest turn-on’s for women.

Personality: Women love sex too but you need to love her for the person she is on the inside.

Emotional Communication: Forget picking up women if you can’t connect with women on an emotional level. The reason is that it’s the only way they are attracted in the first place.

Witty: Learn to be witty and creative on the spot. By reframing what she says and jokingly making fun of a hot women you can gain massive respect.

Open Body Language smile and be open and ready for love with open arms. Hold your head up and exude a sense of peace and “chill”. Be cool like jules winnifield of pulp fiction.

Your Needs: You focus on your needs and if you know the relationship is going nowhere you have the balls to pull the plug and move on.

You Don’t A Shit: Seriously try to not care about the outcome of the meeting for a change. You will be shocked that it will actually increase your chances with women.